Part of a written journal a long time ago….

…It was about a month before I could free myself to see her. By that time, she had broken-up with Ivan (finally) and was going out with her new and current boyfriend, David (Damn). I do not know the details of the break-up between April and Ivan, but April was not happy about it and went on the warpath against her ex-boyfriend. Unfortunately, Ivan was friends with my best friend, Jesse. And Jesse was ready to go after April to get her off of Ivan’s back. So to head off a confrontation between them, I decided to redirect her anger. So I did. April is a singer and after one of her performances, I insulted her and her boyfriend in front of his parents.
Needless to say, her anger was redirected and once again our friendship ceased to exist. A couple of months passed before I saw her again at her Senior Prom. The smile that she gave me was full of malice and evil. After that, I decided to give her something and to try to explain why I did what I did. I got her a $300 dollar necklace and wrote her a letter explaining my actions and for one final time express my love for her. That would be the final time that our paths would cross.

yeah, right…
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