So What Did I Get….

Tea Candles and Holders
What the hell am I going to do with 100 tea candles. Esp. since we are not allowed to light candles in the apts. They costed like a dollar or something; I couldn’t help but to buy them.
Frames and Easel
This was another dollar buy. The easel thing is kinda cute, and I need the frames so that I can have some more pictures in my room.
Kitchen Stuff
I have some stuff from Amber, my boss. But it is really hand me down stuff and it is old. So I got some utensils that I didn’t have and I got the pan, which is perfect for crap like Hamburger Helper or Casserole.
Baby Stuff
The circle blocks and the plastic number/letters blocks are for either Barry/Gabi’s baby or Lesa/Kurt’s baby. Actually I just might give it all to Dan/Jen’s son, Drake, since he is almost 2. The inch worm doll is for me. 😉
Drawing set
This is also for Drake. It is a drawing set with a huge ass roll of paper, a dispenser that you can put on a table, and some jumbo crayons. It is totally cool and I think he will like it a lot.
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