Well, the file cabinet is

Well, the file cabinet is now just a little more organized. That killed a couple of hours. I was going to work or cleaning and straightening the aisles, but it looks like some orders are coming, in, so that’ll have to wait.
Tonight, after work I’m headed to the Boathouse for some beers courtesy, of the Boss. Then later tonight, I’m headed off with the bookstore crew to go to a bar for Tim’s Birthday. I am starting to feel sick though; I think the Sour Cream & Onions Pringles and the 1L Pepsi might have been a bad idea for breakfast/lunch. I will still go out tonight, but if I don’t feel any better (And I’m not sure that drinking will make me feel better) I will just leave early and take a cab home.
**tummy rumble**
That is NOT a good sign….
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