Now I don’t even have

Now I don’t even have motivation to put up a decent journal entry. My head hurts. Partly cause of Mike blasting away at Dave Matthews. His guitaur is good, but he definately doesn’t have the voice at all.
**sigh** Mike is so obsessive about Dave Matthews. He doesn’t listen to or play anything but Dave. It makes me wonder what else he is obsessive about. Obsessiveness scares me to the bone. Part of the problem of the world today, in my option is with people obsess with things, peoples, or ideas. I guess it’s o.k. if some one is obsess about something, just has long has they respect other people’s beliefs. Once they don’t have respect for others, that when they become dangerous to all people, regardless if they are obsessing about Satan, Christ, or even Dave Matthews.
O.k. time to put the clothes in the dryer and to return the movies I rented
Current mood: Have a headache
Current music: Listening to Mike play Dave Matthews tunes

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