Waiting for the Mellisa Joan

Waiting for the Mellisa Joan Hart theme to download. ppuuurrrrrrr. Hmmm after that I can either stay up later goofing around doing nothing or I can goto sleep early. I am truly alone here sometimes. Well today, AMber found out that her grandmother died. The thing is, since Rob got into an accident, she can’t go up for the funeral, cause she has to take care of Rob and Brok. I wish I could help her out somehow. **sigh** I love Amber so much, she is like a second mom to me. I would do anything for her, and I hate it when she is sad like this. Well, they are still having the get together at their place tommorow, so I guess she will be ok.
Current mood: sympathetic
Current music: Enrique Inglesias – Be With You

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