My two cents on the whole Homosexual/Christianity Post

The post started on secludedgrrrl’sLJ. You can go there to see it, but be warned, has of the time of this post, it had 160 comments on it. Whoa!
Basicly I think that if you are going to post something on livejournal, then you need to expect that there will be comments from other people. It’s something that I had to realize myself. And has long has the poster and postee are respectful of each other, then life is good.
But to be honest, I have to side with the Homosexuals. First of all, there is nothing wrong with two people kissing each other, regardless if they are straight or gay. Making out at a game; well that might have been a little much. But nothing would have happened to them if the couple was straight.
Me personally, I have issues with God about certain events in history and certain ideas that the church has spread. Issues that need to be discussed over lunch or dinner. I would perfer to talk with God himself, but I would settle for Jesus, or even a saint. I had an Angel come to me for awhile, and it was going good. But we had our differences.
The thing is that I feel that these issues that I have are private, and I would never voice them on something so open like LJ. This is something be me, God, and perhaps a few of my closest friends.
I guess that’s about 2cents worth.
Gay Power. Fight for Gay/Lesbian/Bi Rights
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