Well, I finally heard from

Well, I finally heard from someone who heard that Amber is O.K. There’s that little voice in my head (no,not that one, the other one) that is saying that my friends could care less about me. Anyways. So I tried to goto the beach today. I was going to take some pictures of the cliffs hwy 1 on the way to Santa Cruz. I was also going to look for a nude beach that I read about online. Well, the metro had other ideas. My poor car, it can’t go anymore, the tramsmission is so bad on it. I had to turn back at Pacifica. So I went to the mall and did a bad thing. I bought a shirt at Hot Topic. But what a shirt it is. I’ll have to take a picture of it. I really should have bought some shoes or pants. Or some silverware and pots. Or some picture frames for the pictures that I have. Well, I going to go and think about doing laundry.
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