I’m still around, just haven’t felt like updating since I’ve have to deal with the flu, and now with a nagging cough. Just business as usual in January for me. I think that I always get sick around this time. I know I was sick like this last year. Don’t remember the year before that…(**note** yes, the year before that I was also fighting with a cold)
Anyway, I’ve been planning on switching over from Moveable Type to WordPad, mainly because all the cool people are doing it. However, I’m not in any real rush to do it since I don’t really have a reason to do so. Even with the news that SixApart just bought out LiveJournal. The main thing that I really want to do is to figure out a way to update all of my journals at one time. I guess I want to update my site too; if nothing else put up some brighter colors.
Getting ready for the new school semester to start at work. So I’ll be super busy for the next couple of weeks, staying late at work trying to get caught up with everything. Fun.
Told Barbara that I was planning on moving out in March or April. I’m mainly waiting for my tax return so I’ll have money for the deposit on a new place. I would like to get either a studio/1 bdr on my own or maybe an in-law. However, I will settle on renting a room as long as the place I move into has central heating so I’m not freezing off my ass again. I think that counts out alot of the houses here in Linda Mar (mainly old 3 bdr/1 bath ranchers). Just doing some casual browsing on Craigslist show that if nothing else, I should be able to find something like what I am in now for $550 or less, which I would still be saving money.
Thanks to April, I’ve been playing Zuma Deluxe and kicking ass. Also the fact that World of Warcraft is sold out everywhere, even at the Apple stores. I guess it’s good, since I’m saving money.
I still need to goto the dentist and work on my resume this month. I will get around to it this month….eventually.
Also should call Kaiser and make an appointment to get a new psychologist, since it’ll take awhile before they’ll be able to fit me into someone’s schedule.
That’s all I’ve been doing. Just chillin, trying to get well, paying the bills, yadda yadda yadda.