Hell Week

So school starts next week and I’ll probably won’t update for the next week or two.
Friday shit hit the fan when Mark told me that he was quitting that day for a new job that was giving him a $1500 bonus. Later, it turned into Wednesday being his last day. Which still left me up a creek without a paddle, but not as bad. I have a new guy working with me, but he is untrained, and slow, and weak. Oh god, am I going to miss Mark’s strength. So I I’ve been working the weekend, trying to get as much stuff done before Mark goes.
With all of the stuff that has been going on, I’ve been pretty mellow and not stressed out. I blame the 2 prozac/day that I’ve been taking. I’m kinda worried about it, due to the fact that I feel like that I’m lobotimizing myself. It’s not that I’m feeling more sad or depressed with myself, or even happier. I feeling nothing.
O.K., I’m feeling a bit annoyed with my homework assignment, “Relating automatic thoughts to primary emotions.” When I am in a situation, I’m suppose to write about it and analyize it and the thinking error involved. Again, something I think that my psychologist should be doing, not me. Anyway, Dr. Grace is done with her internship/fellowship and is leaving in mid-September. And all I feel is mild annoyance. Not sure if it is the workload or the prozac.