2 pills are better than 1

I’m not sure if it is the depression or the prozac, but I feel worse than before. Actually, I don’t feel too depressed, but I have been listless and with no energy the entire day. I don’t think that I stayed up too late on Saturday, maybe to 1am (which is early considering that I usually stay up to 4am). I woke up early around 7-8am and then slept on and off the rest of the day. I also don’t remember much about what I did Saturday, except that I did go out for a walk and I bought dinner at Safeway. Also, Barbara came back from seeing her son in Colorado. Anyway, prozac can cause some people to become sleepy and tired. If I am this way tomorrow at work, then maybe I’ll start taking my pills at night.
Tomorrow is the first week without Tim. **sigh** I am really going to miss him. But I still have Mark and I will have Danny, so that is something. Hopefully there will be clear sailing for the next three weeks. I’ll be working late for the next two weeks, so that should keep me busy and from being depressed.