Today was a pretty sickness-free day. No headaches, body aches, dizzy spells or anything. My cold seems to be almost gone. It’s at the point where I am not coughing or blowing my nose every five minutes. Spent the day alternating between reading and playing Halo.
Had some weird dreams last night. The first part was me and my dad were at a church on a Sunday, and basicly, my dad was questioning his faith in God in church. The rest of the congregation was really getting on his case, when I jumped in and defended my dad’s faith in God, even though I didn’t believe. Then Suzanne woke me up and told me to stop snoring. Next thing I know it is inventory and I am at the store counting stuff. I go outside the store where they are counting stuff and I see Lesa talking to Amber and Monica. Lesa is wearing a traditional Korean outfit and her hair is really long. I go up to her and introduce here to Amber and Monica and then lead her away, which pisses of Amber for some reason. But I don’t care becasue I haven’t seen Lesa in a long time. We start talking and catching up on things and she tells me that her and Kurt are having problems. She says that her and everybody misses me and asks if I am ready to come back. I hold up my wrists, which are shackled and say “I’m sorry, not yet.”
There was more stuff in the dream, but this is all that I remember. Interestig stuff