deep sleep

No new or interesting dreams last night…well, there was one with Barbara in it, but I really don’t remember it. The only thing that I do remember is the deep sleep that I got. I mean I just went out; I don’t remember any tossing or turning, no kicking off sheets or covering myself with blankets, no heart problems, nothing at all. Just sleep until the next morning. Such a rare and wonderful thing. Two nights in a row would be great, but I’m not expecting it.
Went through the photo books today. Like my life, the books are an unorganized collections of thoughts and memories. Lots of sad memories; lots of longing for events in the past. But also some good memories. Of summer nights driving around town, stealing road construction cones and driving around TP’ing your co-workers houses…I mean wrapping their car, and then putting the cones at the corners, and then wrapping TP around the cones around the car…Ah, youthful summer memories…

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