Daily Archives: June 17, 2002

I am Joe’s Confusion….

I just read an e-mail from Suzanne and now I am even more confused about us than before. There are so many emotions running through my head, and all of them negative. I don’t know what to do anymore.
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I am Joe’s short attention span….

Spent a good chunk of time translating Nokia ring tones into Panasonic Ring tones. Most of them sucked, or I entered them wrong, but I did get the Star Spangled Banner in right and it sounds pretty passable.
This has been a Cell Phone kind of day for me. I went to the Post Office to get some money orders for the bills. I passed a cell phone shop and when in to look for the data cable for my cell phone that no one ever seems to have in stock. This store was no exception, but they did have the Matrix-like phonethat I originally wanted to get. The only problem is that it for Cingular, not AT&T. That and the fact that it was way too expensive for me to buy now. Poop. 😛
Anyway, I was at Tanforan mall, and I stopped by the Anime store and they had a copy of Escaflowne – The Movie on DVD for $20. But I think that it is a Japanese copy and probably doesn’t have English subtitles. More poop…
And after taking a look at my acct balance, I think that I will return the gamepad and the book tommorow. I still have plenty of money left, but I haven’t paid insurance cause I am STILL waiting for NBIto fix my insurance (they charged me for the Metro and the Focus). Grrr. Will have to call them AGAIN tomorrow.
Also need to remember to call or email Kaiser. I tried to make an appointment online about a month ago, and I haven’t heard back from them. hmmmm.
The other reason that I am returning the computer stuff is cause I ordered official graduation pictures. 2 8×10, 12 5×7, 16 wallets, and a 8×10 plaque for myself. $132 dollars. Blah… I am only giving away the 5×7 to people that sent me cards or got me gifts. And now just thinking about it, I think that I might have ordered short. DAMN!!!! Wonder if I can call them to add to the order. Even more poop…
Something that wasn’t poop was dinner tonight. Broiled some lemon chicken, make some pasta, and steamed some vegies. YUM!!!
**update from Mike** His mom got us a couch from Macy*s. Sweet!!!
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I am Joe’s tired Monday afternoon

**sigh** I’ve bitched about this before, but I REALLY need to start going to sleep earlier.
Anyway, rumour has it that the Bossman is suppose to be visiting our humble warehouse today, but no sign of him so far.
Got another grad card from a family member that I haven’t seen in years. I wish that I could go out to Virginia to visit them at the family reunion. I’m kinda afraid that I would have nothing in common. However, there are so many holes in my past that I know that they could plug up for me.
Am leaning towards returning the wireless gamepad tomorrow. Think that I will play with it for one more night. It’s either returning the pad and maybe getting hit with a restocking fee, or going out and buying games to use the pad with. Max Payne and Serious Sam wouldn’t work with the pad. Will mess with GTA3 one more time tonight.
My friends tell me that it is normal for the ups and downs in a relationship. But I wonder about the requency that Suzanne and I have them at? No wonder I am sick all of the time.
**update** boss has come and gone…good review. c’mom, did we really expect anything less.
Anyway, although things were said this weekend that was hurtful, I wonder if I am over reacting about the whole situation. In the great logic of my mind, I thought that a “seperation” would be a good thing for the two of us. It seemed to me that we both accuse the other of not dealing with issues that we have. Maybe it is that whole Mars/Venus thing; we say something, but it is misinterputed by the other person. I mean, the word “golddigger” did briefly run through my head when she said that she didn’t want to be poor. But I think that it comes down to the fact that she doesn’t want to be like her mom and dad. It is kinda dissapointing that she sees me has her dad, but what is that about how girls look for guys that remind them of their fathers and guys look for girls that remind them of their mothers. Well, Suzanne is nothing like my mother (except for the fact that they can both be stubborn as hell sometimes).
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