I am more of Joe’s fluff for the girlfriend…

It is a SSSSSSLLLLLOOOOOWWWWW day here at work. Tim’s off on a run right now, but mulling over sending him home after Rendeview and Elimidate.
I might go home early myself, to clean my room and to get ready tonight. There is a party for Teressa Fox at some Italian Restaurant downtown tonight.
The water buff…I mean Justin came home late last night. Now while he has been gone, I have probably used the sink only to wash my plates from the raviolli that I had on Sunday night. There was no reason for him to run the garbage disposal for 5 minutes last night. Granted it could have been something of his that he was getting rid of. But the only thing he has in the fridge that could spoil is milk and you don’t need to run the garbage disposial that long for milk. If you have to run it that long, you might as well just throw it away in the garbage.
Now that I have money, am strongly resisting the urge to pay for a web host. I am going to try to wait until I have something to host, although I really want to start getting mail @ tygreyes.com
i wonder why I still do this, the whole journal thing.
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