Was late getting to Suzanne’s

Was late getting to Suzanne’s house to go with Suzanne’s mom and sister to get her sister’s new Saturn in Fairfield. So I met them at Fairfield and left my car there. I almost started crying cause I want a new car so bad. It was pretty pathetic. O. K. what was really pathetic was me trying to fix my huge ass into the trunk of a Saturn so that I could use the emergency release to get out. In my defense, it was not my ass, but the clown shoes that I was wearing that prevented me from fitting into the car. Anyway, she got a 3door Saturn Coupe in a Cranberry color. It is a really nice car and I am really jealous. So I had to take BART home cause Suzanne’s sister and her mom had to go to work. I will have to get it tomorrow, I guess.
**sigh** I really want a new car now. Maybe not a Saturn necessarily, because they still feel a tad small for me. But a new car never less. I just worry that with a car and insurance payments, rent payments, and a school loan payments coming up in the next year, that I won’t be able to pay for everything. And also I’m worried about my credit and that it will fuck me up. O. K. no more talk of money
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