– O. K. One thing

– O. K. One thing is not working for me and that is my Microsoft Phone. Microsoft has stopped supporting it, so I can’t use it anymore. The deal with the phone is that you could use your computer has an answer machine and have all of these features. Using Caller ID, you could leave different messages for different people and you could set up multiple mail boxes and stuff. Of course I didn’t use half of these features cause the phones lines here don’t support Caller ID. But it was still cool cause there was this extra number that you have to use before you can dial out and I had it set up so that it automatically dialed in the extra number for me. Anyway, Now that the phone is not working, I have to try to get the answering machine that I haven’t used before to work. I originally bought it for a previous roommate cause he didn’t have an answering machine and his mom would call and let the phone ring for days; talking about 2-5 minutes of ringing. So I have the machine but I don’t know how to use it, so I need to figure it out somehow.
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