Random thoughts

I just heard a radio commercial and it is scary just how many radio stations that Clear Channel owns. I mean, in San Francisco, they own at least half the stations here.
I still feel like shit. If this keeps up, then I am going to stay home from class.
The warehouse is falling apart. I really need to clean up here.
I’m going to have to have a talk with the guys and reel them in a bit.
Just kinda cruising aimlessly around Live Journal and it is amazing at how it has grown. Like the mood icons, I couldn’t believe how many more icons there are now. And just the number of users. Even with the user code stuff, the number of people on here is astounding.
I wonder where our Live Journal T-shirts are at? I wonder if Frank got to them.
I swear if Kendryk( a.k.a. Spanky) keeps on talking about Cowboy Bebop, then I’m going to have to go splurge and buy the whole series on DVD. And I’m going to have to go on to Ebay and bid on some of the CD soundtracks.
**picks up shovel** O.K. time to clean my desk
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