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changed paper, yet again to

changed paper, yet again to a paper on lynching. I’m not sure thatI will be able to do 10 pages, but I will do my best.
I am going to go to sleep now. This day has really worn me out and I have another busy day tomorrow.
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What The Hell….

He he he he….I love this comic
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Justin (my roommate) just also

Justin (my roommate) just also received a 3-day notice. I think that his is only for one month though.
I swear these guys are bastards big time.
O. K. I am calm, cool and collect. I think that I have shitted everything that was in my body (I’m one of them stress shitters; if I get too stressed out, I start shitting.) . My eyes are dry for the moment. Let’s dig back into my paper and see if I can’t crank some pages out…
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Amber and Rob just called

Amber and Rob just called and Rob’s going to get involved in it. Rob is the General Manager of the bookstore and is a big shot on campus. That was the phone call that put me over and now I’m bawling big time. God, I am such a hormonal wuss. Anyway, tomorrow, I am going to go see Rob and show him my paper work and stuff. I’m still going to the rent board to see what they say about all of this. Meanwhile, I am still crying over it and I can’t stop. I’m sure that listing to Wham! Careless Whisper isn’t helping me. Fuck, I am a basket case all right. Actually the three shot of Jack Daniels is helping me a bit.
**takes a deep breath**
O. K. I need to dry my eyes and go put my laundry in the dryer….
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I am so sick to

I am so sick to my stomach….I thought that a bowl of soup would help, but I still feel sick…I have $750 in my account, so I still need to come up with another $700 dollars to pay back the stuff that I own. Then I still have to worry about the other bills that I have, like the cell, insurance, and rent for June if I stay here. I would have to wait until the middle of June to make rent and I would probably have to go through all of this again. Even if I don’t stay here, I’ll have to pay the $1450. It is so unfair and I can’t understand why won’t they at least meet me half way and let me pay it off. They admited that they were at fault. **sigh** Hopefully, the Rent Board will be able to help me out.
I’m wondering if I should even work on this paper. I’m already behind on it and I doubt that I will be able to get it done now with this rent thing hovering over my head. I think that I’m going to quit school then; I’ve been in it so long and I think that I should just realize that I am not cut to have a college degree or any success in life. I had better get fitted for that Baskin Robbins outfit.
I so want to die right now…
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So the situation is that

So the situation is that the Village is sorry that they didn’t notify me earlier, but that I have to pay $1448 by Wednesday. I don’t have that much. I applied for a credit card, but I don’t know if I’ll get it and even if I do get approved, I probably won’t get the card in time to use it. And the Village won’t let me make payments or anything. **sigh** I want to just break down and cry so bad right now. But I have stuff to study for and a paper to do (another headache.)
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Going nowhere….

For this paper, we have to use thisHistory website. The thing is that all of the entries are pictures, or video of old films, or music. No recollection of documents or anything. So I have no sources to use. And I am getting very frustrated. **sigh** I have changed my topic several times and still can’t find anything to write about. I think that I’m going to scrounge up some lunch and come back to it later…
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SF State = School of Circus Training….

So I went and did the grand tour of the campus. Financial Aid said that everything was paid out and that I should go to the Cashier/Bussar’s Office and talk to them. The Bussar office says that their records show that everything is paid and that I need to talk to Village Housing. Village Housing is send off another round of eviction notices and that they will contact me. Meanwhile, I should practice jumping off of a building and into a small glass. But I think that I have to walk the high wire and jump thru the hoop of fire first. **sigh**.
Well, I am going to try and not worry about it now and work on the paper.
**thinking happy thoughts**
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Not a good night of

Not a good night of sleep for me. Trying to not think negative about today. I know it’s a mistake on their part. I just hope that I don’t have to pay for their mistake though. It didn’t help that I had that burger from Applebee’s in my stomach all night long. Yuck. I am having some Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal, and that is settling my stomach and calming me down a bit. **sigh** I know everything will go O.K., I know it will……
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Horoscope (by astrocenter.com)

The energy of the day is erratic, and you will probably be hopping all over the place. This unpredictability is caused by today’s Moon-Uranus conjunction. Therefore, don’t worry about trying to firm up any plans at this time. You may feel like you are trying to grab hold of a slippery fish with butter on your hands. If this is the case, let the fish swim away for now, and relax. You can always catch another one later on if you need to. The right attitude for a day like this, is to deal with issues that are straight-forward and predictable.
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