Leadership Novato 2024

Graduated from Leadership Novato, class of 2024. Go Team Verismo! When I started this a year ago, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into. Just knew it had leadership in the name and it would help me get a promotion.. The business cards that I got from my fellow students would have been enough for the networking. But to my surprise, it was something totally different, so much more. I learned about leadership, but so much more. Learning how a city works has been a great civics lesson. From government to education to fire/police to nonprofits to economy and more. Just to have time with all of these city and business leaders to understand how they work and lead, and how they work with other departments has been a goldmine of knowledge. The group projects three me for a loop when they were first mentioned. While I can be a team player if needed, I’m def more of a lone wolf. Especially with my depression. And I still think that I was the weakest link in my group. But I know it’s in my head as my group members were so supportive of each other. And our project that we did were so fulfilling. The remodel that we did of the Novato Visitor Center; it still amazes me on the great job that we did.

This has been such an amazing experience, with lessons I will take with me for a long time. I’m still locked in an open prison of my mind, but I feel like by completing this leadership course, I’m one step to stepping out of the cell, pulling myself out of the pit.

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