Rainy Sunday Morning

At Pure Grain for a rainy Sunday morning, half listening to the old men solving the problems of the world, in English and Spanish. Wanted Heritage house, but stayed in bed listening to the rain a little too long, wishing that I had company in my bed. **sigh** who’s fault is that? I wish that I was with her right now. Soon enough I guess, but I wish I could talk to her now. Twenty years and I still would be like the dog that finally caught the truck; “Now what?”

Nothing too exciting for today. Will force myself to work on the everlasting to-do list. Will see how long I can work before Marco’s boredom drives me out the house. Or I could always take some pills and sleep to dream the pain away.

That’s all the energy I have for posting really for now. I wish I had the energy to do more. Need to get motivated like the old men are saying.