Book Of Questions: Love And Sex-Question #226

In the early phases of a romance, how much are you influenced by your friends’ and family’s opinions your potential partner?

I think for all the relationships I have been in, I have kept my friends and family away. I don’t think I’ve hidden my partner or have been ashamed of them. With one of them, I knew that they did not like her, so I just kept the two groups away. With another, I was wary of them not liking the new person that I was with (although I didn’t have any reason for that) and got drunk at the first meeting. Luckily they liked her and had a good time with her while I was passed out. The last one wanted the relationship to be quiet. Although I did tell my friends about her and I think that they would have got along, the relationship never made it to that point.

With my parents I always wait I few months to tell my parents so that it’s too late to interfere.

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