Daily Archives: September 8, 2017

Rare blog

New journal is in bag and we are having some issues, so a rare blog on the website.

Grey day in Seattle is actually helping my mood somewhat. It’s better than the smoky haze of the last few days as the ash from The Rockies floating in the air. Even with the rain, it’s somewhat humid and draining, but not as much. Seems like it will be a quiet day today at least, which will give me time to assess the damage from the high schoolers and get ready for the college kids. With a football game tomorrow, we’ll see how busy it gets downstairs.

Diabetes still working its magic on me, down to 237, peeing every hour, and still dehydrated. Have to survive until the end of the month for doctor appointment and prescription. Hope I don’t gain back the weight once I’m back on medication. Still I don’t feel/look any different with the 15 pound weight loss. Maybe if I get into the 220’s I’ll see something.

Nothing to exciting to talk about. Mainly due to lack of sleep. Although it’s getting better, still not enough with the getting up to pee…Something is in the air, no sure what though. Just keep my ears and eyes open, I guess