Book Of Questions – Love & Sex: Question #59

If you went out with someone a few times and you both were attracted to each other, do you think you could stimulate the person’s interest in you more by having sex or by withholding sex?

I’m probably more withholding sex than having sex kind of guy.  While I might have the guts to initiate a kiss, it has to be the other person to bring sex into the relationship.  I think it’s more of a security thing for me and the other person so that we are on the same page.  And I don’t want to be accused of rape or anything.  That is the reasoning behind it anyway.  Although, once we are in a relationship, I would/have teased someone into sex.  Like a rub here, a lick or nibble there.  While watching a movie at home usually.  **sigh** So many unfinished or unwatched movies; I think that I have Terminator: Salvation memorized in my head even though I’m only seen the first five minutes of it.

I think I realize that my sex game is not the best; I’m not a BBC or packing anything large (still at average length though, so I can hit it, as the kids say).  I def. depend on my oral skills to make up for my shortcomings.  And I think that I’ve pleased my former lovers and partners.  I’ve had my head leg locked many times and have survived it not getting crushed.

Really, if I am dating someone, my focus is more on finding new places to visit and to eat.  And hot tubs; for someone who can’t swim and not particularly fond of the beach, I do like soaking and playing in hot tubs/jacuzzi.  I wonder why.  Tigers can swim if I remember correctly.  But yeah, I’m more focus on experiences (and being crazy in love) over the sex.  Not that I’m not focus on the sex; I am a guy after all