Why aren’t I playing no mans sky?

Trying to adult an actually get some sleep for a change. Also, reinstalling media back on to my new 1TB SSD drive. Seems faster.  Still it’ll take awhile for 400+GB of files to transfer, and I don’t want to mess it up, so here I am. 

Think I’m going deaf from using my Beats headphones to loud. Didn’t think that I had the volume too loud, but I am worried. 

Now if only I could adult and clean my room. I’m not even depressed (that depressed anyway) and I still can’t keep it clean. I should be cleaning it now, but I should be doing alot of things that I’m not. 

Was going to watch some anime, but I think I’m going to actually try to goto sleep.  An extra gabapentin and some lullaby music and hopefully that’ll knock me out. 

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