Roman Spa Hot Springs Resort Review

So did a mud bath for the first time while up in Calistoga. Pretty interesting experience to say the least. Stayed at the Roman Spa Hot Springs Resort this time. I got there a bit early, so they let me use the pool while I waited. It was a beautiful day, so the pool was very nice. Also had a large indoor spa pool that was very relaxing.

So after an hour, went back to the spa and was ready for the mud bath. Getting into the mud is like getting into warm oatmeal. Well made oatmeal, not the runny stuff. So you get in and wiggle yourself into the bath. Once you get settled in, you just relax and let the heat take away the pain away. The mud just confirms to your body and it feels really good. If it starts to cool off, you just wiggle a little bit an the heat is redistributed.

So you just suppose to stay in for 15min, but I stayed in for almost 20-25min cause the heat felt so good. While I was in the mud, the attendant checked on me every 5min, giving me water the drink and putting a cold towel on my face. Once I was done with the mud bath, getting out I was kinda of light headed, kind of like Bikram yoga. So got into the shower to wash out the mud off. That stuff was in every crack of my body. EVERY CRACK ON MY BODY! It took me 15mins to get the mud out of said cracks. And I’m still not sure it’s all out. If I do a mud bath again, I’m sure that I would wear some throwaway swim trunks to keep the mud from getting everywhere.

After I got the mud off, jumped into the jacuzzi mineral bath for some more relaxing soaking. After 30min, it was time to get out and go get my 50min massage. The massage was pretty good, but not as good has the last one I got in Calistoga. I wish that the masseuse would have worked a little harder in my shoulders. But he did a really good job on my feet, which I didn’t realize had so much stress.

Overall, the spa treatments were very good. All of the attendants were very responsive to my need and concerns. Excellent service. I guess the only thing I wish is that they had body scrub treatments because those make your skin feel so smooth and soft.

The hotel room was very nice; better quality than Golden Haven. Lots of little things like iPod radio, free bottle of fancy water, and large two person shower. The only bad part of the hotel is that it seems to cater to an older crowd. I was def. the youngest person staying there. I just wish that I saw some younger people around the hotel and at the pool. But overall it was a nice and relaxing experience.

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