Early in the morning

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the sun rise in the morning.

Took Angie to the airport is why I’m up so early. Actually, I was up at 5am anyway, so it was no problem to take her. Decided that I wanted breakfast while I’m up, so here I am at the millbrae pancake house.

So what to talk about this early in the morning? Hmmm. Work is work, I guess. Just getting ready for the minor remodel this weekend. Still not prepared for it and in bookstore tradition I don’t think that they planned it out well. I guess we’ll see what happens this Saturday.

Life is the same I guess. Still fighting the depression battle. Still looking for a reasonable priced 1bedroom that I can afford. Still hiding in my room instead of living a life, or at least interacting with the roommates. Still unhappy with my weight and not going to the gym or yoga to do something about it.

I want to write something profound or at least personal. But I’m afraid someone will discover this blog an read it. Isn’t that the point of having a blog though? Maybe I should do it (blog) a night when I wake up? I might be more open to being personal in my writing. Or at least I can write about the dreams that I have, if I have any.

Ok, breakfast is almost done. Do I stay awake and try to convince myself to goto the gym? Or do I go back to sleep until I have to goto work? Decisions, decisions…

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