Another Sleepless Night

**Sigh**  Gearing up for another sleepless night here.  I’m almost ready to just drink myself to sleep, but I won’t go that far…yet.

I must be humble in my current 1st place standing in the March Madness pool.  I will not go around and gloat to everyone tomorrow about it.

Paid the money for Draw Something on my iPhone.  It is the only reason that I would get an iPad tomorrow.  And payday was today.  Hmmmm.

Thinking the next thing on my site should be a picture page.  Just need to organize all of the random pictures that I have taken over the years and label them correctly.   Sounds like work.

Maybe going up to Vacaville to fix a computer.  Maybe going to Alcatraz to see a jail.  Maybe a fun weekend.

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