Well I made it through the day relatively awake and with out crashing at my desk or anything.  And with only one cup of coffee to boot.  Currently trying to stay up a little longer so that when I finally fall asleep, I’ll def. crash for 8 hours.

Tried to help out Barry with some computer problems but failed at it.  He set the resolution for the monitor too high and now he can’t get it back to the original setting.   For some reason, Window’s Safe mode isn’t working either. Might have to drive up there tomorrow to check it out.  Or maybe the weekend; it’s the kids computer and they could probably use some time off of it.

Saw an old picture of me today and I can’t believe how much weight that I have gained over the years.  I def. need to do more than just eat right; I’m going to have to go to the gym.  However, even that picture isn’t enough for me to go to the gym on a rainy night.  And my ulcer isn’t helping either.  But I’m sure that the Jamba Juice I had didn’t help things.

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