To WOW or not to WOW…

Enjoying the games that I am currently playing on my phone right now.  Words With Friends is addicting as ever, even if I get my butt kicked from time to time.  Hanging With Friends and Scramble With Friends is the same.  I play Bejeweled Blitz and get my measly scores while the ladies that I know rack up 3-5x as many points as I do (still don’t know how they do it; it has to be a girl thing.)  Also enjoying the new game Draw Something, although I wish I had an iPad to play it on as the iPhone screen is a little tight to draw.

The one game that I’m not playing right now is World of Warcraft.  I’ve been off the war’crack now for almost six months, which I though would never happen.  I have a game card that has been sitting on my desk for awhile now, just waiting to be used.  But do I really want to go back to Azeroth and get sucked in again.  I’ve already got a level 85 character and have done the starting zones for the goblins and the worgens.  The only thing that I could do that is new is level the goblin and the worgen that I have to level 60 and go through the new storylines.  That should suit me just find since I am a big lore person (history major and all).

But do I want to spend my time playing WOW again.  It sucked a lot of time of my life playing it.   I enjoyed it, but maybe I should be using my time for something better.  Not that I am using it for anything good right now.  Should I do something that I enjoy, even if it might not be good for me?

I guess I’ll think about it as I play *******.   Beta baby!!!!!

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