Daily Archives: September 30, 2010

Guilty Blogging

Cranking out a post just so that I can say that I posted something here this month.  Need to find a way to cross post to this site and to my Facebook account since I post there more.  Also need to find a way to post pictures here also from my iPhone.

Lots of things to update and to talk about, but there is so much that it is overwhelming and it scares me from posting, which happened to all of my written journals.

Have slowly gain back some of all of the weight that I lost over the year.  Walked down to 7-11 last night and it nearly killed me.  I’m always afraid to see how much I weight now, but the last couple of times I have weighed myself, it hasn’t been too bad.  But I am still gaining and not loosing.

Usual stress at work is slowing coming to a head.  We’ll see what happens in a month.

Need to clean my room, but what else is new.  I really need to find my own place, but no money right now to move out. I REALLY need to get around to winning the lottery right about now.

Sex is good, even if it is every 2-3 weeks only.  It is really good.

O.K. enough of this, time to move on to another project that I’ve been avoiding so I can spend a few minutes on it and make myself feel good.