From “The Everything Birthday Personology Book”

April 24

You’re on a continual quest for peace and self-improvement.  There is no room in your life for any type of discord, especially spiritual. You believe that there’s a pattern to things, an order, and once you understand that, harmony develops naturally.  This outlook, combined with the individualistic, perfectionist birth number of 1, motivates you to try to constantly refine your personal abilities and release old, outmoded behaviors.

You’re very talented and have financial aptitude.  Careers that focus on money (banking, financial advisor, etc.) suit you very well.  The only problem is that you suffer from underlying indecisiveness that comes from lingering teenage angst.  By the age of about thirty-five this should dwindle, and you’ll feel comfortable enough in your skin to move forward boldly.

Lovers need to be reminded to be gentle.  You love very easily and deeply, often collapsing into a relationship and getting lost there.  Nonetheless, with a well-balanced partner you are very inventive and diligent about relationship maintenance.

Gift idea: a calculator or nice checkbook cover.

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