Monthly Archives: November 2009


Is wrapping up his visit to Washington State. It’s going to be a long drive tomorrow.


The other desert besides the pumpkin pie


Thanksgiving Korean style

Thanksgiving Dinner

Kalbi instead of turkey this year

Thanksgiving Kalbi

Strawberry Cheesecake

Thankgiving cheesecake


Happy thanksgiving everyone!!


Relaxing and watching Korean soap operas

View Of Mt. Shasta from Weed, CA

Mt Shasta Weed


Is worried about the future

Mulling the future

Here at barnes & nobles killing time while I wait for my car to get fixed ( tires). Did not figure buying tires when I was planning this trip to WA to see the folks. Maybe it would have been cheaper to fly up instead of driving. Too late now to do anything about it except to wonder if I should have got a credit card to help pay for things like this I think I remember a time where I would have been happy to stay in a bookstore for hours, just reading away. Now, it just looks like a bunch of dead trees to my eyes. Sometimes I feel like I can only see death and decay through my eyes, never the life and the love of the world. This would have been easier to type of I had a new laptop. Just saying. Like I can really afford one. I think that I would be happier with a pet cat or dog yawn. Three more hours to kill. Wish that I could go home and come back later. A nap would be nice right about now.


Is always amazed at how many people are at Lucky Chances at 8am in the morning