Early morning thoughts

  • Was the worse weekend I’ve had in a long time just because it was so boring and I had nothing to do.
  • Well, I did have stuff to do, just not stuff that I wanted to do.
  • Should have went to the gym this morning, but I really didn’t want to see my roommate at such an early hour.
  • Hoping/Praying that this week is less drama than last week.  Wednesday should be fun in any case (I hope).
  • Among other thing, I am truly addicted to World of Warcraft.
  • I think that when I get to 300 people that have view my profile on Match.com, then I will pay for a subscription, just to see these 300 women (Or the one woman that has looked at my profile 300 times).
  • As much has I dislike Apple, I am seriously thinking about getting an iPhone and maybe a Mac.  I honestly can’t think of too many reasons that I have to have a PC over a Mac anymore. 
  • I should probably get ready for work since I have hours from last week that I need to make up.

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