Vacation ending

Well less than 24hrs before I am back in The Bay.  Overall vacation has been good.  Some bad.  Still a lot of confused.  To be honest, I don’t think that I am ready for the new year.  But there’s no stopping time, as they say.  I just hope nothing else breaks for awhile.

Raiding the closet to see what of my brother’s clothes that I can take with me.  In year’s pass, it wasn’t such a bad deal.  My brother wore baggy stuff and things two sizes too big, so they would fit me fine.  Now that I’m a fat-ass (my mom is starting to call me Fat Albert.), I’m not sure if they will fit me or not.

Was just blog surfing and came across the Portraits Livejournal.  I tend to stay away from Livejournal since I broke up with Suzanne ages ago. (April’s also an O.G. member of Livejournal.)  Here is one of my old livejournal for the hell of it. This isn’t even my main Livejournal (I deleted that one).  I should probably try to port all of those old Livejournal entries to this blog.

Anyway, the point before I started wandering is that she still has my pictures as part of the Portraits Livejournal Userpic.  That’s me in the top row far left, second row far right, and third row far left.  I wish that I had those pictures, the full size ones.  Sometimes, I wish that I hadn’t destroyed all of those memories and pictures.  I should have at least put them on a CD and stored them with the rest of my memories up here.  Sometimes I wonder why I still hold on to these two boxes of memories and keepsakes.  I think that I should burn them and get rid of them.  But I can’t/won’t.   They will just stay boxed up in my closet until the day comes that I can open them up and face the memories of the past.

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