Christmas Eve…

So I’m about a month behind in entries.
Nothing really happened.  I was sick with a cold/flu the whole time.  The entire time.
There is the Greyhound trip story, but the less we talk about that the quicker that I can heal the scars and put it behind me.
Working like crazy.  Nothing new in that.
Finally got a haircut.  I should post a picture of when I got it cut.
Got a ticket cause of my car’s registration or lack of, just a day before I was going to pay for it.
Stuck at the airport waiting for my flight to Seattle.  The older I get, the longer the flight seems to take.
Was told that I have allergies.  Cholesterol is down, but liver damage may have been done during my spring/summer breakup/stress at work/stress at work thing.
Had nonstop diarrhea for two days.  Lost some weight.  Still fat though.
Washed my cell phone (again) and seeing how that didn’t kill it, accidentally broke the screen at the airport.   Now trying to decide if I should buy a new one or see if I can get the screen fixed for cheap.
And finally I’m snowed in at the parents with a foot of snow surrounding my parents house.  I would take pictures, but alas, no camera since I have no phone.
Wait, I left the Christmas cards at home. So tomorrow should be fun since I have nothing to give. 
Anyway, the snow is pretty to look at and all. Just wish that I had someone to share it with.
Merry Christmas everyone.

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