Old man still has it…

It’s sad that I dislike my next door neighbor so much, that instead of walking by her to get to the bus stop or the muni train, that I would get in my car and drive to school and then catch the train from there.  Very sad indeed.

Went downtown to go to the Century theater @ Bloomingdale’s to see the new Indiana Jones movie.  I know that I said that I would never go to another Century theater after Iron Man, but it was easier to get to than 1000 Van Ness.  Anyway, begriming of the movie experience was ruined by talkative Asian family of 10.  And Harrison Ford has def. aged, but he is still in decent shaped and can still play Indy.  Shia was also pretty good, even if he played the same character he played in Transformers (although he looked good in the trailer for his new movie)

Once the movie was over, my depression came back.  I tried to hang out at the mall, but the energy just left me and all I wanted to do was to go home.  Where I spent the rest of the night crying, playing angsty songs loudly in my room to annoy Aaron, getting drunk and playing Mario Kart intoxicated (I think it might have helped my driving skills)

started thinking about cutting myself again, to feel some other pain or to release the pain that is within me.

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