The end of the birthday

Well, the good news is that I matched last years birthday card count.

And I got cake from Ambrosia Bakery.

And I was able to fake my way through the day.

Tomorrow I get to give a deposition about my car accident from last July.  Not sure how much more I can add to “A dump truck backed into my car and almost ran over me”.  I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

To be honest, I’m not expecting much from this upcoming year.  Next year when I hit 35, then I can have the midlife crisis.

But maybe this is what I need, not to have any expectations at all.  All the shit that happens to you, good or bad, usually happens when you least expect it.

Deposition tomorrow; inventory on Saturday and Sunday; Mario Kart on Tuesday.

Here’s a picture so I can remind myself what I look like a year from now