What to do when the lights come on?

Been an interesting night to say the least with the power outage that happened on our block.  Aaron and I took a walk down to the campus and back.  Then we sat in the kitchen and talk awhile before the power came back on.  I probably talked too much, but I did learn some things about Aaron. Like the fact that he writes an awful Craigslist ad.  However, the fact that he is putting himself out there and is making an effort to find someone is way more than what I’m doing, so I should just shut up.  It’s pretty sad that it takes something like this in order for me to interact with my roommates.

Still a little queasy from the junk food that I had tonight (McD fries, apple pie, Frappuccino.)  Going to force myself to go to the gym tomorrow.  Also need to make an appointment with the shrink before I spend all of my money.  Latest squander of my meager funds is used DVD’s from Hollywood Video that is going out of business.  I got:

  • Singles
  • Vanilla Sky
  • Desperado
  • Big Fish
  • Hidalgo
  • Snakes On A Plane
  • Gross Pointe Blank
  • Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny
  • Clerks 2
  • Blood & Chocolate
  • Beerfest
  • Talladega Nights
  • Thank You For Not Smoking
  • D.E.B.S.

14 DVD’s for $60 isn’t a bad deal.  But did I really need them?  Am I going to watch them?  Could I have just recorded them off of the T.V.?  Who Knows.  Still, didn’t stop me from going to Best Buy to get a disc cleaner.

Actually think that I am going to try to go to sleep early.  Regardless if I stay on the sales floor or stay up in the office, I’ll have a lot of work to do.