Three Short blurbs…

Still somewhat cell-phoneless.  I finally got a cell phone from the guy on eBay, but it was the wrong one.  Waiting for refund so I can go out an buy one.

Finally made level 70 on World of Warcraft.  I have a few more quest chains to finish up, but since I am not in a guild and don’t do dungeons, raids, battlegrounds, or arena, I’m pretty much done.  I could level up one of my Alliance characters just to see stuff from that part of the game.  But will probably just wean myself off of it until the next expansion comes out.

I saw someone getting a blowjob.  I was making a delivery in the van (filthy thing by the way.  It’s probably the reason that everyone is sick.) and I was stopped at a light.  To the right was one of those small mini parks that are in the city.  There was this couple there and she went down on the guy.  He was trying to cover her up with his jacket when the light turned green for me.  I mean just out of nowhere, BAM!!!, a blowjob.