The best way to look inside of myself.

I was at the picnic, laying down on the grass, resting and trying to get over the hangover.  The thought going through my head at the time was “What is the best way to cut myself open to see what is inside of me?”  A single cut down my body would be the simplest, but you couldn’t see what was inside.  You would have to reach around inside.  A cross or a “X” would be better, but then you would have four folds you would have to pin down and sew back up afterwards.  The best would be an capital “I” cut, so you would only have two folds to deal with, and you could see what was going on.

Granted, this is assuming that there is something inside of me to look at….

At home recovering from making myself sick.  Also starving myself in an attempt to cleanse myself/punish myself.

The things I do to entertain myself.