More thoughts: Cold From Hell

So in addition to dealing with the whole car issue, I’ve had to deal with a cold for the last two weeks which I STILL have.  It started with a slight ear infection, then moved to nasal congestion, and now has turned into a bronchial like cough.  I did go in to get tested for strep(sp?) but it was negative.  I kind of want to go back to Kaiser to get tested some more, but I not sure what to get tested for.  I wonder if I have HIV?  It’s not like I have had any sexual relationships in the last year or two.  I know stupid thought, but it does seem that I get sick really easy.  I thought that I was suppose to be getting healthier with all of the healthy eating that I’ve been doing?  Hmm.  Anyway, I tried to work while being sick, but all I did was to get everyone else at work sick.  So while I do feel a bit better, I think that I’m going to take one more sick day to try to kick this cold once and for all.  I’m sure cleaning and disinfecting my room would probably help me get better.  Not that my room is THAT messy, but it wouldn’t hurt if I cleaned up everything and spray some Lysol around to get rid of some germs.  And I need to figure out how to build up my immune system.  Too bad I don’t have a car, or I could have driven to the Gilroy garlic festival.  I’m sure being there would have cleared up anything and everything that I have.

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