Forced entry

So it take me getting my ass handed to me on World of Warcraft in order for me to try and type an entry onto my blog.  Well, it’s either this, clean something, or go outside the house.

My mini vacation is almost over and it was that good of a vacation.  Thursday’s trip to the beach sucked in the fact that it was foggy along the entire coastline, bringing the temps down to the low 50’s.  It would have been better for me just to stay in the city, which was also foggy, but warmer.  The stupid thing was that when I went one mile inland, the temperature went up 30 degrees.  The heat just wasn’t strong enough to burn the fog away at the beach.

I spend Friday afternoon at the warehouse hanging out with the guys and working, because I was so bored just staying at home and I didn’t want to spend the entire day playing Warcraft.

Saturday, I spent driving aimlessly around the city, finally stopping at Marina Safeway to get food.  Very ritzy Safeway, btw.

And today I am fasting/starving myself in an attempt to lose another pound or two.  Not sure if I am going to eat at sundown or go to sleep with no food.

I think I’ve also managed to get another ear infection somehow today.  Lucky me.  I wonder if I still have any antibiotics in the cabinet.

I did pick up my TV and returned the loaner TV to Fry’s.  While I miss the clarity and sharpness of the 26″ Samsung, I am enjoying the 32″ of screen space that I now have.  And has a bonus, I think they gave me an updated model with a built in HD Tuner cause I have HD channels now.  Also I have access to on demand channels…sort of.  It’s pretty random cause I can’t control it, but when I switch to certain channels, I get premium channels that I shouldn’t get.  I’ve watched HBO, Boomerang, IFC, Showtime, and even Skinemax Cinemax.  Not sure if it’s the upstairs neighbors stuff or what, but I’m going to try and to enjoy it while I can.

I weighted myself at the gym last night, even though I told myself that I would only do it once a month.  206lb; that’s four pounds lost over two weeks, which is nice considering how many times that I’ve gone off of my diet in those two weeks.  Still have yet to go on a weight machine.  Yesterday would have been the perfect time since it was empty at the gym.  Maybe tonight’s the night.

I wish that I could buy a Roomba for my room…except that my floor is always a mess.  Not a complete mess like you can’t see the floor, but there is always stuff on it that I don’t thing a Roomba would be practical.  Maybe one day.

I need to contact Suzanne about the car soon.  I need her to sign the car over to me completely so that I can sell it/trade it in for a new car.  Not that I am thinking about buying a new car anytime soon, but it should be in my name.

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