Sunday Drive to Fry’s

So to start off with, the bookstore finally got in the academic versions of Vista and Office 2007.  These are the site licenses that are cheaper than the retail versions.  It probably one of the best reasons to be a student in college, to get cheap software.  Office installed with no problem and I am loving it.  The stuff that I’ve played with so far, I like a lot.  It’s the Enterprise version, so there is tons of stuff that I probably will never use.

Vista on the other hand has been more difficult.  It’s Vista Business, which means it doesn’t have the media stuff, like Media Center.  So I was going to put it on my UMPC.  Problem is that I didn’t have a keyboard or a external DVD player to install it onto the UMPC.  Well the keyboard problem was easy enough to fix, I Just borrowed an Apple keyboard from work.  As for the DVD problem, I copied the DVD info onto my Zen Vision MP3 player; It can be used as a portable drive.  Unfortunately, it can’t be used has a bootable drive, even though it was recognized in the BIOS.  So I might pick up a 4GB flash drive while I’m down at Fry’s.

But the real reason I’m going to Fry’s is because of my LCD TV.  I finally found the receipt for the TV and so I can take it to Fry’s to see if they can fix it.  According to the receipt, I can get a 27″ loaner set until they repair it.  Actually, I’m wondering if they will let me return this set and upgrade to a name brand set.  Or a bigger set…Now that I’m thinking about it, I wonder if I should get a LCD mount and mount the TV on the wall.  It would free up some space.  I would also need to get a new wireless keyboard and mouse for the computer.  And I need a keyboard for the UMPC.  While righting out journal entries is fun and all, my handwriting sucks and typing is so much faster.  **sigh**  But I really shouldn’t be spending more money.  I should be saving it.  Well, first things first, I need to get out of bed and get this TV boxed up and head down to Fry’s

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