New Years Resolutions Revisited

Let’s take a look on how I did with the New Years Resolutions I made for this year…

1) Eat healthier: Drink low fat or nonfat milk; no more sugary cereals, no more junk food; eat more vegetables, fruits, and fiber; 1-2 meals a day. Kind of a mix. I def. ate healther by not going to any fast food. O.K, I had In-N-Out a handful of times, and I had some Chicken McNuggets. And I had pizza a few times. But that was it. For the most part, I stayed away from fast food, for which I’m proud of. However, I didn’t really eat anymore vegetables or fruits. And I still ate somewhat sugary cereals.
2) Exercise more: Goto the gym at least 2/week while I still have membership. Also walk/jog more, building some muscle mass, and doing pushups/situps before I goto sleep at night. Well, I finally lost my membership to Park Merced’s gym. I did do some walking for a little while, but I really failed in this. I did lose 15 pounds to get to 180lbs. However, with my medication, I gained all of it back and an extra 5lbs to weight in at 200lbs. I am not happy about that.
3) WWE/wrestling: Goto at least one wrestling event this year. Preferably a PPV, but will settle for a RAW or Smackdown event. Did not goto any WWE event.
4) BT: Will go see BT when he comes to the bay area to mix. Did not goto any BT concerts.
5) Concert: Will go see one act in concert this year. Comedians and small venues count. I did go see Dane Cook with Tim/Renee and Ron/Rachel in Berkeley. And I also saw some local band (Yellow Dancer, I think). So I guess I fulfilled this resolution.
6) Will stay away from the following: Dave Matthews concerts, Dickens Faire, Ren Faires, Victorian Dances, SCA events I stayed away from all of the above.
7) Take at least one class this year, either at SFSU, community college, or community center I did not take any classes this year.
8) Write better stuff in my journal. Just improve my writing. Continue with the Questions series with a min of 500 words/entries. Eh…I would say that I failed in this one only because I haven’t kept with the 500 min and the Question series. But as to the quality of the writing, I guess that is up to the reader to decide.
9) Make more comments in other people’s journals. Actively participate instead of lurking around. Failed this one.
10) Save money and pay off bills. I want to pay off some of the smaller bills this year and actual start saving money. Also need to correct my credit reports. Failed this one too. I was doing O.K., and then Christmas hit.
11) Go on vacation somewhere. I want to go someplace that I have never been before and vacation. No vacations for me…Does the bachelor party in Reno count? I’m going to say no.
12) Take pictures with both my digital camera and my cell camera. Use my camera more and so being afraid to take pictures, no matter how ugly they turn out. I took pictures with the cell phone, but I don’t think that I have even used my digital camera this year. I was still afraid to take pictures.
13) Update my website more. At least 4 new designs/updates this year. I think that I only updated one. With just a couple of minor things done to the site.
14) Love myself. Continue on accepting and loving who I am, regardless of what my friends, family, and God thinks of me. What should have been at the top of my list, is at the very bottom. I think that there will be a seperate entry on this one. Needless to say, I failed this one too.
15)Explore the Bay Area more. Go out and discover what is out there I did discover some new places, mainly restaurants, like Stacks, and Joe’s Cable Car. And some other places too. So yeah, I’ll give myself this one.
So 3 sucessful resolutions, 9 failed ones, and 3 50/50. 20% sucess rate.

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