old people suck…

O.K. not really, but it’s not a good ideal to be trapped in a parking lots with thousands of them scrambling for parking in order to get in line to get a flu shot.
Anyway, just spending my time being depressed and stressed out at work. Business as usual for me. I should really think about making a work only journal. I thought that I had one before on Livejournal; I’ll have to look around.
Medication isn’t working, so I am going to double dose. Also got a prescription for sleeping pills, so now I have my chance to end it if I so choose. Yay! Hopefully, it’ll help me get some sleep.
Been beta testing World of Warcraft, def. a way to zone out of the world. Been reading, but not really into the reading. Michael Moore is kind of an asshole. Been looking at the Bible again on my bookshelf. I want to start reading it again, but maybe this time, I’ll skip the Old Testament and jump directly into the New Testament. That’s where all the salvation stuff is at, right?
Been thinking about why I even bother to keep this thing. I mean all I write about is how depressed I am. I don’t know, maybe I think that I’m going to get well and look back at this has a dark period of my life; make a Lifetime movie out of it or something.
Guess I need to get back to this mess at work…

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