Missing Cyberfest dream

Ok, so I’m in my room doing something on my computer, and there is all of this noise outside. So I go out and there are all these people waking up from their sleeping bags on the floor. So me and this girl start cooking breakfast for everyone, eggs and pancakes. Lesa and Kurt are there at different ends of the table. Kurt is telling a story about us (I think it was the Joe under the bed/Vacaville chase story). He can’t see me in the kitchen, and I’m pulling out knives and showing them to Lesa, trying to decide which one we are going to throw at Kurt. Anyway, breakfast is done and me and this raver girl start serving. There is this scroeboard in the corner with a list of all the acts at Cyberfest and their ranking. BT got a bad ranking, but I was still gushing over him. So the ravers start to wake up and eat breakfast and are getting louder and louder. I try to quiet them down because my parents are still sleeping. But they continue to get loud and finnaly, I get fed up and start kicking them out. I goto my rrom and look in my closet and kick out two stoners toking up there. And then I go into my parents room and sneak the partiers out of that room. There was some wierd scheme involving covering them with pillows and blankets and having them form a train and choo-choo themselves out while my dad telling my mom that she is dreaming (My parents were white BTW). So I finally get everyone out and start cleaning the kitchen when my dad (black now) comes in exhausted looking because of the ravers and ask me if I want a drink. I say it’s a little early, but sure. So he grabs a strawberry malt liquer bottle and mixes it with milk, while I drink a shot of it straight. The funny thing is that my brother is there and he is legal to drink, but we just pass right over him.
Then I woke up. I really need to make a dream category…

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