One good thing about taking prescription drugs…

…is that it is easier for me to get drunk. After a horrific commute home (the one bad thing about living in Pacifica is that if there is an accident on Hwy 1, then the entire hwy is backed up for at least 10 miles) I decided to get some booze to relax and celebrate payday. O.K., so a lower alcohol tolerance isn’t necessarily a good thing, but it works tonight.
I still have homework to do for my doctor’s appointment tomorrow; Relating Automatic Thoughts To Primary Emotions. Your Enviroment is influenced by your thoughts, moods, behaviors, and physical reactions…or something like that. Anyway, I’m supose to think of a situation and remember the automatic thoughts I had, the primary emotion behind those thoughts, and what thinking errors did I use (the thinking error list) Also, it will be my last session with Dr. Grace, which I am not too happy about. I’m already not liking the new theropist that I’m suppose to see next month, and I’m a little aggrivated over the fact that She didn’t tell me that she was going to be leaving after two months. Then I have an appointment with Dr. Brickner on Friday. While she is cute and very pleasant on the eyes, the last two times I’ve seen her, she hasn’t even had my records with her. I also have to fill out the survey on her. At least she’ll be able to prescribe me a new anti-depressant. She can just pull out the wheel of drugs and give it a spin. I’m hoping for paxil or lithium. I guess I should get my homework done.

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