Homework Assignment 1b

So the second part of the assignment was to make sure that I went to this benefit auction. Back story is that Tim’s sister, Cindy, has cancer that she has been fighting for a couple of years now. And she is winning the battle; I mean she looks great. Anyway, the evil bastard insurance company won’t pay for the operation that she needs, so fundraiser time.
So the auction was held in the Kohl Mansion, located at Mercy High School. You could practically smell the “wet, pented up, sexual energy underneah the plaid skirts of the catholic school girls” (Mercy is a private all-girls catholic school). Anyway, no school girls in site, but the Kohl Mansion is a beautiful building; lots of weddings and receptions held here.
So I found Mark and we found Tim and Renee, who hooked us up with drink tickets and we were set. There were alot of stuff set up for auction, unfortunately I didn’t have any money to bid on anything (my spare flow went to plane & parking tickets.) So I’m walking around looking at the stuff up for auction, when I see it. Someone is auctioning off a Dave Matthews Platium Album for his single album, and an autographed picture. Of course I start thinking of Suzanne and the roller coaster that are my emotions begin. I did not bid on it, not because I didn’t have any money, but because I wouldn’t known what to do with the things. I guess I could have amonously mailed them to Suzanne, but that would border on stalking, I think. Otherwise they would just go into the garage with her drawings that I can’t hang up. I think I took a picture of it and sent it to my moblog at textamerica.
So being the smart guy that I am, I decide that drinking more alcohol will be able to get me through the night. Bad mistake. That warning label that says that prozac and alcohol doesn’t mix; they really mean it. I was buzzing after just two drink and drunk after the third. That is not a good thing at all. I will def. have to remember to watch myself when I go out to drink.
Anyway, emotions rollercoastered from the highs to lows pretty quickly. I found a secluded place to go and cry for no reason. Then later, I got a phone call that set me off again. I tried to leave a couple of times, but someone always saw me and I got sucked back in. Eventually, I was able to leave and to drive drunk home to pass out.

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