Coffee Jitters

Not sure if this is the Prozac messing with me, but I have had the coffee jitters all day long. I had a large…I mean venti coffee this morning and have been wired all day long. I don’t get wired off of one cup of coffee. I know I don’t drink that much coffee anymore, but when I do it’s usually a large mocha or latte, and I barely get buzzed off of that. Anyway, I’m just glad that this week is over. It’s been a pretty busy one and it’ll be even busier next week.
Got my plane tickets to see my family in August.
Spent last night fixing Babara’s computer, reinstalling Windows and all of her stuff. It was running smoothly last night; hopefully she hasn’t had a problem with it today.
Tim invited me out to his ball game tonight and Amber just invited me to the Philosopher’s Club. I think that I am going to pass on both due to the way that I feel. I just want to go home and eat and then crash.

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