Trying to gas myself to sleep.

TMI here, but I have been gassy this whole weekend.
Not sure why though. Eating habits have been the same.
Speaking of eating, I would love to go on a Japanese binge right now. Just hit up a sushi bar and just pig out. Also had a small craving for Taco Bell, which was weird. So far this year, the only fast food that I have had is two instances at In-N-Out. The other times that I have eaten out, it has been one of the sandwich places (Quizno, Subway, and Togo’s) Honestly, the whole starving and not eating fast food is the only thing keeping my weight down. Have not done that much exercising, which is bad. I’ve been piling excuse after excuse on myself to keep me from the gym. Wish that I had someone to goto the gym with me, but it would have to be someone who lives at Park Merced. Well, tech. I’m not suppose to be there, heh.
Going to try and goto sleep now without the help of Nyquil. I’ve been going to sleep at 5-6am in the morning the last couple of night; not good at all. Figure that it’ll take me an hour to finish my book and I can actually be sleeping by 2am. Here’s to hoping.

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